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Our P&C will be holding a Hot Dog Day lunch fundraiser.  Students are welcome to order a hot dog and juice box that will be delivered to their classroom at the beginning of break 1.

All hot dog / juice box combos will be $4.50 each, single hot dogs will be $3.50 each and juice box only will be $1.50.

Multiple hot dogs may be ordered (please select "Hot Dog Only" for additional hot dogs).  Only one juice may be ordered per child.  Vegan and Gluten Free hot dogs are available, please clearly mark this on your form.

After payment, please ensure you write the order number on your form (to find your order number simply scroll down the thank you page).

Please remember that the form MUST be completed and handed back to the office with your order number clearly marked.

Notes must be returned to the office by Tuesday 2nd April whether payment was made online or by cash.

If the Hot dog day note did not make it home to you, a copy can be downloaded to print at home here.

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