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Trying to find the perfect stocking fillers and gifts for your kids this Christmas that’s environmentally friendly?

The P&C have partnered with Eco Art and Craft to bring the families of Faulconbridge Public School some amazing multi-award winning products* in the lead-up to Christmas!

How it works:


Scan the QR code

Enter pasword

Go shopping!

Enter code FPSFAMILY

or go to



and add items to your cart

at the checkout for a

5% discount

Goodies will be delivered to you within 2 weeks of the date your order is placed.


of sales will go back towards the school P&C fundraising efforts!


*Excludes sales items


Sustainability is the heart and soul of Eco Art and Craft. We use a small batch handmade manufacturing process, a  gravity fed recycled stormwater system, energy efficient machinery and we grow our own botanicals. 

Did you know? We run our company and home on the energy consumption of a 2 person household


Plant-Based colours and ingredients means that our products are compostable. Using renewable plant  pigments to colour our crayons and paint means that there is no  environmental degradation from mining micas and clays or synthetic colours made in a lab.

Did you know? We have tested more than 93 plant pigments to get the best colours nature offers


Packaging is upcycled & compostable - we use compostable tape, labels, packaging peanuts, satchels and upcycled boxes to send your treasures. Our boxes and stickers are not laminated so that they can be recycled or composted. 

Did you know? Changing to a paint powder in compostable packaging has saved more than one tonne of plastic paint tubes from being used

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