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MOTHER'S DAY STALL - Wednesday 8th May 2024

PAYMENT AND NOTES TO BE RETURNED TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE BY WEDNESDAY 1ST MAY. If you are paying online, you MUST also return the note to school with your online order number or the order will not be counted.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to think about some wonderful gifts from our Mother’s Day Stall for the special women in your life, be it your Mum, Grandmother, Aunty, Favourite Carer...


All gifts are $6.00 each (plus $0.50 PayPal processing fee) with an assortment available at the stall for children to choose from on the day. To order online simply select the number of gifts you would like to purchase below and add to cart.


After payment, please ensure you write the order number on your form (to find your order number simply scroll down on the thank you page).


Please remember that the form MUST be completed & handed back to the office with your order number clearly marked. 


Notes must be returned to the office by Wednesday 1st May whether payment was made online or by cash.

If the Mother's Day form did not make it home to you, a copy can be downloaded to print at home here.

Purchase your Mother's Day Stall gifts here!

Select the number of gifts you need (can be across multiple students). You still MUST return your Mother's Day slips to the School office by Wednesday 1st May for your order to be accepted. If you need another Mother's Day note, you can download one from below.

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